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Kayaking, stand-up paddling, surfing, dragon boating, wing foil, and more ....

We offer single, double, and clear bottom kayaks for rental throughout the year at Sai Kung Sha Ha, located near downtown, or Kei Ling Ha San Wai.

Our stand-up paddle boards are suitable for paddlers of all skill levels. You can rent them at our water sports centers all year. Please note that touring boards may be available upon request.

Don’t let the thrill stop after learning how to Wing Foil!

Blue Sky Sports Club now offers equipment rental services for Wing Foil and Wing SUP, allowing you to experience the excitement of Wing Foil at a discounted price.

Wing Foil is a thrilling new experience that is gaining popularity among more and more people. It combines kiteboarding and surfing into one water sport, giving participants the exhilarating feeling of speeding on the water, riding with the wind, and pushing their limits!

Looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the bustling downtown? Join our Blue Sky ECO Tour and escape the city to explore the beautiful nature, UNESCO Global Geopark, and more!

At Blue Sky, we offer lessons for various water sports at different levels. These include stand up paddling, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, wing foiling, and more!

Whether you are a school seeking extracurricular activities for your students or a company looking to organize a team-building fun day, our team can customize various types of water sports events to meet your specific needs.

Based at Sai Kung

With numerous islands and geosites to explore, Sai Kung is an ideal destination to fully immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s oceanic wonders.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have collaborated with countless organizations, schools, and companies to provide them with a water sports experience they will never forget.


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一個很好的體驗, 只是太忙碌, 沒時間打卡和拍照!

【22週年優惠第三擊】直立板初級課程 + 六次直立板租借 + 藍天會藉 (企嶺下)




Our always to go option for kayak rental at Sai Kung!

Great service! Reasonable price. My friends from Taiwan enjoyed the trip with us. Thank you!



Fulfilling weekend

Although the weather wasn't that optimal in the morning, the coach managed to patiently guide and us how to paddle. Lunch is actually not bad! Coach is caring and provided us with cool drinks after reaching one of the check points. Highly recommended!!

風翼衝浪初級技巧課程 | 週末及假日 | 企嶺下



Great service

The staff are very nice and informative

單人獨木舟 | 沙下 | 週末及假期

獨木舟初級技巧課程 | 企嶺下 | 2小時
Ying Chi Li


Great staff

Great experience, staff very helpful and friendly! Liked that there were boxes to keep our belongings at the counter. Thanks guys! Can't wait to go back!

Wing foil 初體驗

Good equipment and forgiving environment for new learners. Very patient and positive coach as well.

雙人獨木舟 | 企嶺下 | 平日優惠

SUP Beginner & Bronze Membership Package | Kei Ling Ha
Ivy Lam
SUP Beginner & Bronze Membership class

Learnt and practiced basic skills for SUP
Coach is experienced and knowledgeable

單人獨木舟 | 企嶺下 | 週末及假期

(續會優惠) 企嶺下進階直立板訓練計劃

單人獨木舟 | 企嶺下 | 週末及假期

直立板初銅入會優惠 | 連證書及藍天會藉 | 企嶺下

直立板初銅入會優惠 | 連證書及藍天會藉 | 企嶺下

直立板初銅入會優惠 | 連證書及藍天會藉 | 企嶺下
Yuen Man Chan

導師Mani同梁sir 都非常友善同埋又會照顧每一個學生既進度,令到今次既課程上得十分之滿意愉快👍🏻👍🏻




Good Coach and Nice Environment

The coach was patient and professional, and the environment was clean and tidy. Also, the scenic view was dazzling. I enjoy the experience very much!! 100% recommended 👍

Kayaking Around Sharp Island

Blue Sky is one of my favorite sports club for accessing events and renting equipment. Their website is easy to navigate and the prices are reasonable too. I also appreciate that their equipment is well maintained so that customers are safe. I look forward to using their services for many more years to come. Thank you!


Blue Sky Sports Club