Summer Camp

Broaden children's horizons to fully experience the joy of harmony between humans and nature

Water Sports Summer Camp

Arranging holiday activities for children is always a headache for parents every year, but how to choose the right one? Although there are countless activities available on the market, water sports camps remain the healthiest and can keep children away from crowds during the summer.

Participating in the Blue Sky Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Sports Camp not only cultivates children’s independence, broadens their horizons, and enhances their physical fitness, but also helps them form optimistic, confident, explorative, and creative thinking personalities. Additionally, it trains their interpersonal communication and teamwork skills.

The Blue Sky Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Sports Camp will provide your child with various water sports experiences. At Wet ‘n’ Wild, students can learn basic water safety rules and sports skills, explore marine science, gain knowledge about water activities, increase life experience, improve self-reliance, and fully enjoy the endless fun of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Wet 'n' Wild Summer Camp

Learn new skills, and complete tasks together!

Blue Sky Wet ‘n’ Wild Summer Camp offers your child a variety of water sports experiences. This camp will immerse participants in up to 6 different water sports. In addition to safety rules and basic techniques, the 3-5 day activity training takes place in the waters of Sai Kung, where participants can also learn basic knowledge about the local marine ecosystem and various wild marine life, as well as the importance of water safety.

Activity options include:

  1. Stand-up paddleboarding
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing
  4. Dragon boating
  5. Kayaking
  6. Ocean cleaning
  7. Surfing

Wet ‘n’ Wild Summer Camp Sample Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Morning beginner kayaking course, afternoon sightseeing
  • Day 2: Beginner stand-up paddleboarding course and stand-up paddleboarding exploration tour
  • Day 3: Learn and try surfing
  • Day 4: Get on a speedboat to learn wakeboarding
  • Day 5: Experience dragon boating and develop team collaboration

SUP Adventure Camp

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) originated in the 1960s on the Waikiki beaches of Hawaii. A group of surf instructors combined surfboards with traditional hand paddles, which later evolved into the sport of stand-up paddleboarding. In recent years, SUP has become very popular in Hong Kong, and it can be seen on many beaches.

SUP emphasizes balance and is a water activity that requires using a paddle to move forward while standing on the board. The sport combines techniques from windsurfing, surfing, and kayaking, with paddling methods mainly including prone, kneeling, and standing.

In the Stand-Up Paddleboarding Adventure Summer Camp, Blue Sky professional instructors will lead students in using SUP to ride waves and explore the waters of Sai Kung. They will learn various SUP techniques, engage with marine ecology and unique geological sites, and through ocean clean-up activities, cultivate children’s awareness of marine conservation and promote personal development.

On the last day of the summer camp, there will be a small competition to allow children to test their SUP training results and compete against each other.

During the SUP Exploration Summer Camp, students will witness the natural scenery of the Sai Kung waters up close, including the UNESCO Hong Kong Global Geopark.

5-Day SUP Summer Camp Sample Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Beginner SUP Class and Exploration
  • Day 2: SUP Skills Training and Application
  • Day 3: SUP Outer Island Tour – Pak Sha Chau and Kiu Tsui Island (Speedboat Transfers)
  • Day 4: SUP Outer Island Tour – Yim Tin Tsai and Kau Sai Chau (Speedboat Transfers)
  • Day 5: Small SUP Competition and Beach Clean-Up Activities

Dragon Boat Camp

Dragon boat racing, a traditional sport, has a history of over two thousand years in southern China. Some folklore suggests that dragon boat racing commemorates the patriotic poet Qu Yuan from the Warring States period. However, different regions and ethnic groups also have versions of the tradition that commemorate different figures and are held at times other than the Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon boat racing is a team sport. No matter how fast an individual rows, they need to coordinate the rhythm and strength with their teammates to achieve the best speed. Therefore, many private and public organizations now form teams to participate in competitions to enhance team cooperation.

Dragon boat racing can improve your communication skills because, in this sport, participants encourage each other, give tips, and correct each other’s technical errors. Moreover, the atmosphere within the team is very friendly and egalitarian, with no hierarchy.

5-day Dragon Boat Summer Camp Sample Itinerary:

  • Monday to Thursday: Activities and competitions from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM each day. Each club will be divided into 4-6 groups, each with about 15-20 students, typically led by a senior student.
    Friday: The top two clubs will return on Friday to compete with another club for the championship title of the year.

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