Stand Up Paddling Program

Blue Sky will provide professional coaching and a full set of equipment to help you learn efficiently and safely.

SUP Beginner Class

Co-organized with the Hong Kong Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Board Association, in this 2-hour beginner stand-up paddle board course, you will learn the basic techniques of paddling a stand-up paddle board:

Including the prone, kneeling, and standing paddling methods, the correct posture and balance techniques on the board, the correct way to hold the paddle, how to control the direction of the board (paddling forward and backward, turning, and stopping), and safety knowledge of stand-up paddleboarding.

Upon passing the course exam, you will receive a certificate issued by the “Hong Kong Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Board Association,” allowing you to rent a stand-up paddle board and paddle out to sea at any time.

SUP Intermediate Program

Our SUP Intermediate Program is ideal for those who have completed our SUP Beginner program.

Our instructor will guide you to paddle in open water, experience paddling in difficult conditions *(such as choppy water and heavy wind)*, learn intermediate SUP skills to handle these conditions, and improve your overall paddling speed and efficiency.

The SUP Intermediate Program is divided into 3 sub-schemes (Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards). Students who have completed the SUP Beginner Program can enroll in the Intermediate Program by signing up for the Bronze Award first.

The general steps to complete the entire intermediate program are:

SUP Beginner Program

SUP Intermediate Program – Bronze Award

SUP Intermediate Program – Silver Award

SUP Intermediate Program – Gold Award

Certificates will be issued upon the completion of each step.

SUP Pilates

Pilates combines ANIT™ Movement (positive posture) and Barre training to improve bodybuilding and stretching. It is especially useful for Hong Kong office workers who sit for long hours. Pilates emphasizes body alignment, joint mobility, coordination, and balance to activate inactive muscles, relieve muscle tension and weakness caused by poor posture, and burn fat.

Our SUP Pilates experience brings Pilates movements to paddle boards, combining the benefits of both activities and enhancing the Pilates experience. Our certified coach takes you on a paddle board into the ocean to do Pilates while feeling the board floating on the sea, listening to the waves, and connecting with your body and mind.


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