Blue Sky ECO Tour

Get away from the bustling city to experience the tranquil and mysterious side of the Sai Kung Peninsula.

Blue Sky ECO Tours

Want to spend an unforgettable holiday in nature? 

Blue Sky will take you away from the noisy city to experience the tranquil and mysterious side of the Sai Kung Peninsula. Our professional coaches will guide participants in using kayaks or stand-up paddleboards to closely observe the highly valuable natural ecology and geological wonders. While learning about marine ecology, you can escape the crowds and enjoy the embrace of the sea.

Depending on the location, Blue Sky Eco Tours offers full-day trips of about 6 hours or half-day trips of about 3 hours, taking you to visit the Sai Kung Peninsula and its coastal islands (such as Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau, Tiu Chung Chau and more). Some of these attractions are part of the “Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark,” which has been recognized for its international geological value and is protected by relevant laws.

Adventure Tours

Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Suitable for people with a spirit of adventure. These journeys will take participants to more distant attractions, with longer paddling distances (some journeys will have speedboat transfers), but the scenery is particularly spectacular, and the crowds are fewer.

Under the guidance of instructors and safety personnel, these journeys are suitable for families and individuals in good physical condition.

Family Tours

Difficulty: 🌟

These journeys have shorter paddling distances, fewer waves during the trip, and calmer waters.

Because the attractions are closer to the water activity center, they are particularly suitable for families with young children, or for those with less experience in water activities to participate.

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