Surfing Program

Traditional Surfing and SUP Surfing courses

Surfing Program

n Blue Sky’s surfing and stand-up paddle surfing courses, coaches will teach students the necessary surfing or stand-up paddle surfing rules, safety guidelines, local and global marine terrain, wave condition analysis, equipment usage, and surfing techniques. Students will first practice basic movements and surfing techniques on the beach, such as sitting on the surfboard, balancing while lying on the surfboard, turning, pushing over waves, rolling over waves, diving under waves, and standing up to ride the waves, before proceeding to actual practice in shallow wave areas.

Blue Sky’s surfing and stand-up paddle surfing courses are held at Tai Long Sai Wan in Sai Kung. Tai Long Sai Wan is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong, surrounded by mountains with no public transportation access, resulting in less pollution, clear water, and fine sand, creating a paradise-like environment. In addition to learning simple surfing techniques, students can also enjoy this tranquil and comfortable natural setting.

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Surfing and stand-up paddle surfing courses are usually held from October to April each year.

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