Wing Foil Rental

Wing Foiling is both challenging and exhilarating ! You can rent our Wing Foil equipment at our Kei Ling Ha Water Sports Centre.

Don’t let the thrill stop after learning how to Wing Foil!

Blue Sky Sports Club now offers equipment rental services for Wing Foil and Wing SUP, allowing you to experience the excitement of Wing Foil at a discounted price.

Wing Foil is a thrilling new experience that is gaining popularity among more and more people. It combines kiteboarding and surfing into one water sport, giving participants the exhilarating feeling of speeding on the water, riding with the wind, and pushing their limits!

There is also E-Motor electric propeller for rental, but you must rent the wind foil / SUP equipment at the same time.

Kei Ling Ha Rental

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Kei Ling Ha Wing Rental

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