Assemble / Equipment Collection Location


  • If you have enrolled our Course or Tour, please assemble 15 mins before the start time, just outside our Water Sports Centre Near Sha Ha Road (Not the Beach)
  • For equipment rental, please collect your gear at our Water Sports Centre Near Sha Ha Road (Not the Beach).

Activity Location


Unless otherwise specified, our tour and course usually starts at Sha Ha Beach just 1 min walk from our Centre.

For equipment rental, the recommend departure point is also Sha Ha Beach.

Equipment Return


For equipment rental, please return your gear to our Water Sports Centre Near Sha Ha Road.

Important information before your arrival


Please use the lockers and changing room form the sports ground and squash center which is around 5-10 minutes away from our centre

請參加者使用附近康文署的壁球場設施更換衣服、淋浴及儲存物品 (大約 5 分鐘步行路程)

You are suggested to bring water, clothes for changing, water shoes (cover heel and toes), sunglasses (with floating belt), sunscreen, insect repellent and a hat etc. It is recommended that participants are dressed upon arrival, so the experience may begin promptly.

個人裝備:食水;更換衣服;水上活動鞋 (包腳指和包腳跟,例如白飯魚); 太陽帽; 太陽鏡(連浮水帶); 防曬霜; 驅蚊劑; 帽子等。

Participants who successfully complete the SUP Beginner Course will be issued (within 2 weeks) an electronic certificate allowing them to rent an SUP board on their own.



Traffic in Sai Kung over weekend is busy. Please reserve much time for travelling, especially there’s a dragon boat race on that day.


  • By taxi : from Sai Kung to the Victoria Recreation Club, Sai Kung./
    的士:西貢市內至西貢沙下海灘 (5分鐘或步行20分鐘)。
  • By 299X Bus: From Sha Tin Station to Tai Wan, then walk 8mins to Sha Ha Beach.
    299X巴士(20分鐘一班): 沙田港鐵站至大環,步行8分鐘至沙下海灘。
  • By 101M mini bus: Hang Hau MTR to Sai Kung Town, walk 15mins to Sha Ha Beach.
    101M小巴: 坑口地鐵站至西貢市中心,步行15分鐘至沙下海灘。
  • By 1A mini bus: Choi Hung MTR to Sai Kung Town, walk 15mins to Sha Ha Beach.
    1A小巴: 彩虹地鐵站至西貢市中心,步行15分鐘至沙下海灘。

Participants would require to carry the equipment by themselves. Staff could only offer limited support.


Please be noticed that all group class less than 4 and all activities in bad weather condition would be cancel by Blue Sky. Reschedule or refund could be made. Please read the “adverse weather condition” below.


All cancellations by customers are non-refundable. No refund and reschedule would be made for cancellation less than 24 hours.

客戶取消預訂將不獲退款。所有少於 24 小時取消的服務或課程將不接受退款及改期。


Adverse Weather Arrangements


In case of inclement weather, unless further announcement, measurements will be arranged as follow:

  • When the thunderstorm warning, the amber rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal No.3 or below is hoisted either before or during lessons, classes and activities will be held as scheduled.
  • 當課程開始前或進行途中懸掛雷暴警告、黄色暴雨警告、三號熱帶氣旋警告信號或以 下及下雨等情況下,課程和活動將如期舉行。
  • Coach has definite right to decide whether to cancel or continue the lesson subject to safety situations and environment. All students should obey coaches’ instructions. No swimming allowed without permission.
  • 基於安全和環境情況下,教練有權決定取消或繼續課程。所有學員應遵守教練的指示。 在没有允許的情況下學員不能私自游泳。
  • When the typhoon signal No.8 or above is hoisted, classes and activities will be postponed.
  • 當八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號懸掛,所有課程和活動將會延遲舉行。
  • 2 hours after the lowering of typhoon signal No. 8 or above, trainings and program may be resumed depending on the time of day and the situation of the sea. Participants can contact and update with the Blue Sky Sports Club under these situations.
  • 八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號降低後兩小時,訓練和課程可能會根據時間和海面情況 而恢復,參加者可聯絡藍天體育會以更新情況安排。
  • If the raise of typhoon No.8 or above is announced during courses, classes will terminate immediately. 如課程進行期間,八號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號生效,課程將立即停止
  • When the red or black rainstorm warning is announced before classes and activities started, classes and activities will be postponed.
  • 如課程或活動開始前懸掛黑色或紅色暴雨警告信號,課程或活動將會延遲舉行
  • 2 hours after the cancellation of black or red rainstorm signal, classes and activities will be held as scheduled.
  • 當黑色或紅色暴雨警告信號除下兩小時後,課程或活動將繼續進行。
  • If the raise of red or black rainstorm signal is announced during courses, classes will terminate immediately.
  • 課程進行期間,黑色或紅色暴雨警告信號生效,課程將立即停止。
  • Replacement Arrangement Classes or activities are terminated during class time due to the adverse weather, replacement classes will be arranged as follows:
  • 由於惡劣天氣的情況下以取消課程或活動,補課安班如下:
  • If that course has started for less than 30 minutes, replacement lesson will be arranged.
  • 如果課程進行少於 30 分鐘,將獲安排補課。
  • If that course has started for more than 30 minutes, the lesson will be treated as completed and no replacement will be arranged.
  • 如果課程進行多於 30 分鐘,課程將被視為完成,將不獲安排補課。