Choose one of the following stunning locations to visit: Ung Kong Bluff Island, Tiu Chung Island, Yim Tin, Sham Chung and Green Egg Island. Our ECO Tours often fully booked during general holidays, book in advance now so that you won’t miss the fun:

Blue Sky Eco Tour ​

Want to enjoy a relax and wonderful holiday away from the buzzing downtown? Join our Blue Sky ECO Tour to escape the city and explore the wounderful nature!

Our international qualified instructors will bring you to explore the hidden gems around the Sai Kung Peninsula, and bring you to have a closer look at the geological landscapes with Kayaks or SUP, learning about the different ecological facts and knowledges at the same time.

Depending the location chosen, Blue Sky provides a full day 6 hour tour or a half day 3 hours journey. We will take you to the Sai Kung Peninsula and its coastal islands (Ung Kong, High Island, Po Pin Chau, Pak Sha Chau, Yim Tin, Kau Sai Chau, Sharp Island, etc.) to explore. Some of these locations are designed “Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark which are protected by longstanding, well established legal regulations and have international geological significance.

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Tiu Chung Chau / Kau Sai Chau

Yim Tin Tsai / Sharp Island / Pak Sha Chau

Green Egg Island

Lai Chi Chong / Double Island

Sham Chung / Kei Ling Ha / Yung Shue O

Ung Kong Chau