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SUP Yoga (Group Class, 2 Hours)

From: $600.00

Price Rate: HK$600/pax
Duration: 2 hrs
Coach & Student Ratio at 1:8 (min. 4)
Included: Gear Rental and instructor
Choice of  Yoga Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advance

*suitable for SUP Beginners
* For weak swimmers, please inform us during enrollment, we could arrange the lesson at shallow water.

Program Details:
Stand up paddle is a phrase that is quickly gaining in popularity. Over the past few years the sport of stand up paddle boarding has grown significantly and now people are throwing yoga into the mix.

Paddling on a SUP provides a great cardio and core body workout but yoga adds another dimension to the sport. SUP Yoga is basically as it sounds, yoga postures practiced on a stand-up paddleboard. SUP board makes a perfect yoga mat, its wide, unstable and challenging yet suitable for all levels. Beginners included!

Paddling is a calm waterway to promote a sense of peace. With Blue Sky’s unique SUP Yoga class, we bring your yoga practice outside, connected to nature as you experience offers many benefits, from breath work, increased flexibility, balance, meditation and strength to a deeper connection with the natural beauty around us on a stand-up paddling board. It is a natural fit to combine paddling with yoga, where it fosters a higher awareness of all muscles involved during paddling, developing strength, poise and a more centered approach to the whole paddling experience.

Classes will include stretching on different shores, an introduction to moving and turning your paddle board, an active yoga class, and some downtime on your own to enjoy the paddle board on the water.