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Kei Ling Ha is our newest Water Sports Centre. Inside the breakwater is a place perfect for SUP beginners to practice. You can even venture outside to places like Yung Shue O and Sham Chung if you fancy. Showers and lockers are available on site.

Blue Sky Sports Club – Kei Ling Ha Water Sports Centre
Address: Kei Ling Ha San Wai No. 16

Season Pass

Unlimited fun with SUP and Single Kayak anytime you want at our Kei Ling Ha Centre!

Courses & Tours

After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability. After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.

Watercraft rack storage
Kei Ling Ha Centre

Only 10 seconds away from the water! Blue Sky Kei Ling Ha Water Sports Centre now provides watercraft rack storage services: Our facility is conveniently located near the water, making it easy to access your valuable water sports equipment whenever you need it, without having to worry about transportation, storage, and security.

Event Space Rental
Kei Ling Ha Centre

The outdoor area of Blue Sky Kei Ling Ha Water Sports Centre has over 3,000 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 50 people. Fully equipped with various water sports equipment, camping gear, and support facilities, including showers, lockers, and bathrooms, our event space is your best choice to hold various outdoor events, family gatherings, birthday parties, workshops, and more.

Equipment Rental
Kayak & SUP

Blue Sky Sports Club provides high-quality equipment for water sports lovers to enjoy the Sai Kung marina area with their friends or family, or on their own! Kei Ling Ha provides Stand Up Paddle Board, Single & Double Kayak. Equipment Booking is confirmed automatically once payment is completed.

Equipment Rental
Wing Foil & Wing SUP

Kei Ling Ha Center now provides Wind Foil and Wing SUP equipment rental services. Blue Sky members can enjoy rental discounts (please select the member price item), and if you rent for 3 consecutive days you can enjoy additional discounts!

There is also E-Motor electric propeller for rental, but you must rent the wind foil / SUP equipment at the same time.

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