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Blue Sky could customize a unique program for multi-purpose. From a family fun day, discovering Sai Kung paradise, eco program, challenge a new skill or high intensive training.

A day of fun with the natural view in Sai Kung could relax your working tension and encourage interaction between the corporate families. Going through challenges could also bring solid bonding in the team.

Corporate Adventure​

SUP Adventure

With SUP boards you can explore and tour the nature in a relaxed ‘green’ eco friendly way, no harming the environment, no engine noise or pollution. It is just you and your friends gliding smoothly on the water, enjoying the flow movements, reaching inaccessible spots and discovering the nature at his best.

SUP Yoga / Yoga

SUP Yoga has combined stand up paddle boarding and yoga, you could united to the nature and get fully relax while doing it. SUP Yoga provided an unstable platform which you could tune your poses and engage core for balancing.

Yoga lesson could also be taken on the shore, the sound of the sea would help you relax and focus on your own breath. Our qualified instructors could provided yoga course for beginners to advanced participants. It would be an empowering event for every one.

Kayak Adventure

This trip will take you to visit the special geological landscape around Sai Kung. The trip will be 6 hours; our facilitators will take you to explore volcanic rocks in different locations with a Junk and kayaks.

One of our favorite spot is Bluff Island, where kayakers can paddle from one side of the island through the cave and exit on the other side of the island. Our facilitators will only run such trip when conditions allow, due to safety reasons.

Participants will need better paddling skills while kayaking in such locations, as it is not a shelter water conditions. Paddlers who do not have enough skills will still be able to explore the landscape from our Junk.

Dragon Boat Adventure

Team work is the greatest element in Dragon Boating. Groups and companies would be able to set up your own dragon boat fun day, races and dragon boat team. The session with be fun and adventure to all paddlers. As you and your colleagues will experience working together as a team, paddling at both day / night time and touring yourself around beautiful Sai Kung water in a very different way.

Monster SUP Board Adventure

The “Monster SUP Board” was first introduced into Hong Kong by the Blue Sky Sports Club. The “Monster SUP Board” is also known as a giant upright board. It is similar to Dragon Boat and requires team members to cooperate with each other, because everyone’s weight, balance and paddling are different. You could lose balance and fall into the water together, so the challenge is not only individual skills, but also teamwork. Moreover, the “Monster SUP” does not specify the direction by the helmsman. Therefore, the team members need to cooperate and perform their duties. This is definitely one of the best team building training, which is used by schools and various organizations.

Blue Sky tailors your group training plan to the needs of individual groups and organizations, including:

Experiential learning / training

Participants can learn teamwork, effective communication, and solve problems on the Monster SUP boards, in order to enhance personal self-confidence and strengthen the cohesion of the group.

Competitions / competitive games

Monster upright boards are mainly used, and different water activities, such as dragon boats, upright boards, canoes and other elements, are designed for different difficult but equally fun and exciting projects and activities for the participants to enjoy themselves

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Dragon Boat Sponsorship Program​

We are looking for sponsorship to our dragon boat team; you can help us by supporting the team in upgrading our equipment in order to enhance our performance, or you can help by funding us with the cost of our team’s operation. As we move forward to the next level of excellence, we would appreciate any support that you could give us for this very worthwhile cause.

For more information or booking, please contact us via or Facebook Messenger.

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