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Price: $2500
Duration: 2 hours
No. of Participant: 2-5
Price included: instructor, equipment, life vest, speedboat
Program Choice: Beginner / Advance
Language:  English / Cantonese

* Please confirm the class at least 7 days in advance (with payment)


Sai Wan Beach, remote beach surrounded by rolling green mountains is known as one of the most beautiful spots in all of Hong Kong. It is an expansive bay with long, white sand beaches ringed by hills and headlands. The combination of rollers and inaccessibility has kept Sai Wan beach a natural paradise—dunes and emerald mountains frame wide stretches of white sand.

Blue Sky has developed an amazing surfing methodology that will get you up and riding in no time. We understand that there is so much more to surfing then standing on a board and riding a wave. One must begin to understand several different and important coastal processes. Being a surfer holds responsibilities to other surfers in the water and a dedication to taking care of our coast, which is why all of our programs emphasize under safety guidelines and surfing etiquette, teaching dynamic curriculum about our coastal environment.

Venue Sai  Wan
Time: 9:00-16:30 (time is subject to change according to the shuttle bus time slot)
No. of participants:4-25
Price: $850/person
Price included: instructor,equipment,lunch
Additional Fee:Shuttle bus fee (around $60)

**including at least 1 hr & 15 mins on two ways hiking

*course is available from October-March, please contact 2971 0806 / info@bluesky-sc.com for more details.

Junk Boat Tour

Junk Boat Tour/ Party
Wanted to do something extra special for the one that you love and a romantic cruise. Or just fancy to have a small party with your close friends/families, but finding a junk too overpriced with limited people. Blue Sky Eco Tour brings you to the tranquility side of Sai Kung Peninsula and offers you a trip that you will never forget. Our six-hour leisure journey takes you to the Saigon Peninsula and its coastal islands (Ung Kong, High Island, Po Pin Chau, Pak Sha Chau, Yim Tin, Kau Sai Chau, Sharp Island, etc.). So that you can feel the quiet and mysterious side of the Saigon Peninsula, experience Hong Kong’s natural ecology, traditional history, snack food and tide play water activities. Our coach could lead you to have a close look and a photo with SUP / Kayak.

*All participants should be able to swim 25 meters.
*All program should be confirm 7 days in advance.

Dragon Boat Team Building / Fun Day

The Program Details:
Team members will receive fitness and skills training which will help them to perform on the boat.

Number of team members required:
Small Dragon Boat Team: min 10
Standard Dragon Boat Team: min 20

Venue: Sha Ha Road

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $850/person

Price included: instructor,equipment

SUP Night Safari

SUP Night Safari

Program Details:
Exploring the mystery part of Sai Kung marine area. Got a chance of capturing the underwater lives at night time.

Duration: 1.5 hours
No of participants: 4-8
Price: $380/person
Price included:  instructor, equipment rental

*All participants should be able to swim 25 meters, life vest/lash should be during the event.

*All participants should hold SUP Beginner Certificate by HKSUPBA。

Terms & Condition

* Participants are required to be able to swim a distance of 25 meters; life vest / leash must be worn during the lesson.

* I declare that I am in good condition and have the ability to participate in this activity.

* Penalty will be charged at $100 per hour per board for over time gear rental.

*The Course will be cancelled if the typhoon signal No.3 (or above) or red rainstorm signal (or above) is still in effect 2 hours before the course commencement.

*Compensation for the cancelled course will only be made in the form of make-up in each individual cases base on the variable circumstances, when the date of which will be set by BSSC without any objection of the participants.

*The BSSC reserves the right to change instructors, time, venue and content of the course. If the number of enrollment is not enough to run the course, we reserve the right to cancel it in our sole discretion, as we deem appropriate.

* Participant of all offers stated above (both tours & private rental) shall accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment during the rental period and will be responsible for the replacement at full retail value if not returned or returned in a damaged condition.

* Individual SUP rental service is only available for those who have passed the beginner’s program examination with proven qualified certificate or equivalent standard.

*Please kindly confirm the booking with full payment 5 days in advance.

For further enquiries, please kindly contact our service hotline at 2791 0806, or e-mail: info@bluesky-sc.com.