Explorer Vitamin Sea 充氣直立板 10’6 x 32″


於推廣期間(六月)購買 Vitamin Sea 充氣直立板,則送你(選一):

  • 1堂免費直立板初班
  • 1次直立板旅程

在購買後如何預約你的課程 / 旅程?

Our Vitamin Sea is durable, it is built to allow you to have a stable touring experiences. No matter you are cruising out with your friends, head out for a fishing trip or even a camping trip. The Vitamin Sea will provide you a positive experiences throughout your journey.

Vitamin Sea 充氣直立板套裝包括:

  • Vitamin Sea 充氣直立板
  • 可調節直立板槳
  • 尾鰭
  • 安全腳繩
  • 手動氣泵
  • 板袋


*Offer subject to change on Blue Sky Sports Club’s discretion

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