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To show our gratitude for your continuous support, we are now offering limited-time thankful week coupons for our kayak rentals!

After purchasing the coupon(s), you can save them and book your equipment at a later date.

Coupon(s) valid until 15th July 2023

– Limited Quantities of Coupons –

Thankful Weeks Coupons

All coupons have been sold out. Thank you for your support! To use your purchased coupon, please click on the corresponding rental below:

How To Use ?

Step. 1

Choose a coupon according to Venue & Day

Please note that the each type of vouchers are not interchangeable:
Weekdays coupons cannot be used for weekends rentals.
Sha Ha vouchers cannot be used for Kei Ling Ha rentals.

Coupons are counted per head, you can book a double kayak by purchasing 2 coupons and using both of them at the same time

Step. 2

Choose Coupon Recipient at Checkout

You can send the coupon code to yourself, your friends, or family during checkout.
Please note that only the recipient of the coupon code can use it (linked to email address).

Step. 3

Check Your Email

After payment, the email address of you or the coupon recipient will receive a Coupon Code like this:

藍天感謝祭 2023

Step. 4

Proceed to specific booking page

After receiving the coupon, you can now proceed to the corresponding booking page to reserve your equipment:

E.g. If you purchased Sha Ha Kayak Coupon(s) (Weekdays), then proceed to Sha Ha Kayak Rental (Weekdays) to book

Step. 5

Using the Coupon Code at Checkout

After selected the date and type of equipment on the corresponding booking page
Use the Coupon Code received on the cart page or checkout page

enter coupon en

You can use multiple coupons of the same type to booking more than one kayak or double kayak
Please note that the each type of vouchers are not interchangeable

Step. 6

Arrive at specific venue on the date of the booking

Upon completion of the checkout, you’ll receive a confirmation email
Please proceed to the booked venue on the date of the booking according to the instructions