Private Swim Class (with membership)


Please note that this booking is for 2 hours special package with 1 year membership ($950)

  • There is also a 1-hour class (Without membership $680),click here to book.
  • After completing this course, you can enjoy member discounts ($780 only) to sign up this class AGAIN, this works best for students who want to keep training for a longer period of time.


  • Flexible class syllabus, suitable for small children to adult
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to swim, enhance swimming skills, or just want to keep fit.
  • Our private coaches will adjust the lesson base on your needs.
  • Click here for our syllabus

Min participants

  • 1 on 1

Max participants

  • 1 on 3


  • Flexible – Please select your preferred district (Actual location depends on coach arrangement) 

Date & Time

  • Flexible – Please select your preferred date & time (Actual time depends on coach arrangement) 

Important info

  • You can choose to pay by Credit Card / PayPal / Bank Transfer.
  • After submitting the booking request
  • Please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
  • We will call you after receiving your booking to arrange the time, date and location of the class
  • After confirming the details, we will send you a payment link. Please pay within 24 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Unless other specified, participant(s) who have enrolled are expected to be present at the time and the venue.
  • All the course fees are non-refundable whether or not the participants have or haven’t attended the course, upon confirmation of your enrolled course(s).
  • No refund or reschedule for all swimming classes, except in special circumstances like adverse weather conditions.
  • Personal leave can be requested upon a 14-day notice. In such case, reschedule can be arranged.
  • No reschedule for no show or sick leave.

No. In order to issue the membership to the correct person(s), you’ll need to use your OWN account with your OWN personal information to book this program (i.e. you Should NOT help others to book using your own account).

Otherwise we may not be able to issue correct membership to you.

If after checked out using your own account, you want to help your friend or family to book this program, please follow these steps:

1. Log out of your current account.
2. Go to: to register a different account for your friend / family.
3. Then use that account to help your friend / family to sign up.
4. Make sure to fill in your friend / family personal info during check out.
5. Each of your friend / family needs to use their own Separate Account.
6. Otherwise we may not be able to issue membership to your friend / family.

No! Children under 18 must be accompany by adult / parent in order to enter the swimming pool.

Students must bring the following things to class*:

  • Swim suit
  • Swimming goggles
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel to keep warm
  • Non-slip rubber flip flop
  • Toiletry (Optional)

*Blue Sky Sport Club advise you DO NOT bring expensive items to the class and will not be responsible for any items loss or theft.

All classes will start exactly on time. We advise you to arrive 5-10 mins early in order to have time to get changed.

Depending on the location of the swimming pool, additional transit time might be needed. Please plan ahead and avoid being late.

If the class is to be held at public swimming pool, students are responsible to enter the pool at their own expense.

For students attend classes in the public swimming pool. Can they continue to stay in the swimming pool after class is over?

All students attending classes in public swimming pools must leave the swimming pool with their parents or guardians to after class. If students want to continue swimming after class, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to re-enter the swimming pool after they are disbanded (only applicable to students taking classes in public swimming pools, and depending on whether the swimming pool is open to the public at that time). We will not be responsible for any accidents that cause physical injury outside the swimming pool or outside of class hours.

Can I apply for a certificate?

If the student wants to apply for the swimming class certificate and to collect it at the office, we will charge an administrative fee of $30; Alternatively student can choose to receive the certificate at their designated address by mail, we will charge an administrative fee of $50. The process will take around 2 weeks.

Can students choose coach?

Students cannot choose coach for their class, we reserve the right to change the assigned coach, class time and location of the class.

Filming and recording

We reserve the right to use photos or videos of students attending classes and competitions for recording or promotional purposes.
Without the written permission of the club, parents are not allowed to film or record the students’ class.


If necessary, the club reserves the right to change the course time, place and content. In case of inclement weather or insufficient number of participants, the club reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses.
Once registered, all courses of the club cannot be transferred to other participants, nor can they be transferred to other courses. If the above situation is discovered, the club reserves the right to terminate the course, and all registration fees are not refundable.

Terms & Conditions

Personal Information of other participants * 

If you are signing up as a group, please fill in accurate personal information for ALL participants (one participants per line) other than yourself. Incorrect information may render the 3rd party insurance invalid.

Required Information of each participant: Full Name, Phone number and Email.

Please type N/A if you are only signing up for yourself.