MISTRAL iSUP Kailua Fit 11’5 (Display Unit)

$10,400.00 $8,099.00

The health and fitness benefits during SUP prove to be quite significant as all of your stabilizing muscles in hip, lower leg, knee joint are activated in a therapeutic way to stabilize balance on the unstable surface. Balance, core strength and endurance are among the significant fitness benefits.

The Mistral Kailua 11‘5“ is equipped with a new innovative all-round elastic band system which can be fixed onto multiple tie-down points. This transforms the board to a great exercise machine. On top of that there is a paddle attachment system and a comfortable soft EVA deck pad.

Length 11’5 (350 cm)
Width 32.0” (81cm)
Volume 290L
Thickness 6.0” (15cm)
Weight 27.5lbs (12.5kgs) (+/- 10%)

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