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(Trial Class) SUP Training Package | KLH | Members Only


This is a trial class for the SUP Training Package, each member can only sign up once.

Training Details:

  • This program aims to improve our team members SUP paddling skills as well as strengthen their physical abilities, racing & navigational knowledge through consistent training given by our professional trainers
  • With improved paddling performance, our team members will be able to travel long distances to different destinations with amazing views that they can’t normally reach and prepare themselves for participating in future competitions in Hong Kong or internationally.


  • Valid Blue Sky Membership or KLH season pass
  • Holder of SUP Beginner Certificate
  • Able to swim 50 meters without assistance

Trial Fee:

  • $100 / head
  • Fee Includes: 1 session of training, Equipment (SUP Board, Paddle, Fin, Leash), Life Jacket / PFD, Instructor(s)

Date & Time:

  • Saturday or Sunday 10:00 – 12:00 
  • 2 hours per session

Meeting Point & Training Venue:

How to book:

  • Please select your trial class date & time on the calendar below.
  • Then wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions to ensure availability. After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to pay for the trial class.
  • (To ensure you have a valid Blue Sky membership or KLH season pass, please use your own Blue Sky account to book the package.)

Minimum Participants: None (We accept 1 person booking)

Booking & Payment:

  • After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
    After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Please provide the Booking ID# to the coach on booking date

What do I need to bring?

  • Must bring: Water sports shoes that covers your toes, swimwear, extra clothing, hat, sunscreen, dry bag and drinking water of 750ml or more.
  • You are also suggested to bring sunglasses (with a floating belt), put on sunscreen and insect repellent before the event. You’ll also need dry clothes for changing after the event.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance (Not applicable to Kei Ling Ha).

Bad weather and Cancellation policy?

I’ve got more questions!

  • Please visit our FAQ to find your answer.

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