KitSound Cadet Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

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Enter the range of bluetooth accessories available – there’s many thousands of portable bluetooth speakers on the market and standing out from the crowd can be different. The KitSound Cadet has no problem with standing out though – it features a stylish design, very powerful speaker and unique carrying solution to make it a complete portable audio solution.

The KitSound Cadet comes in a round design and when the music is playing, you can feel the vibrations of the speaker drum. The vibrations actually make the overall experience impressive, allowing you to sense the throbbing of the speaker whilst jamming to the tunes being played.


Introducing the KitSound™ Cadet

  • Ultra portable and featuring wireless connectivity, the rugged little speaker KitSound Cadet is the ideal accessory for outdoor activities.

Rugged and Solid

  • Our KS Cadet Bluetooth speaker brings music and sport together. A tough rubber coated metal housing means this portable speaker is rugged and solid enough to withstand extreme conditions, making it perfect for outdoor sports.

Play Music from a Variety of Sources

  • As well as being able to connect to your device with the 3.5 mm auxiliary cable, the Cadet allows you to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly, and it’s even got a micro SD card slot and USB port. The perfect, all-round mini speaker, there’s also a hands-free function for taking calls.

Ultra Portable

  • Extremely portable, the Cadet measures just 80 mm in height, 73 mm in width and 45 mm in depth, and has a carabineer for clipping to your belt so you can listen to music when you’re rock climbing, hiking or mountain biking.

The KitSound Cadet

  • Whatever you get up to, bring your music with you with the KitSound Cadet. It’d probably make an obstacle courses more enjoyable too.

About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound™ and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal – bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.



Play time: up to 8 hours

Output RMS: 2 W @ 4 ohm

S/N: 65 dB

Frequency response: 120 Hz – 20 kHz

Bluetooth range: up to 10 m

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