企嶺下海直立板探索旅程 Kei Ling Ha SUP Discovery Tour

$890.00 $680.00 1 day

企嶺下海直立板探索旅程 (直立板初班+ 4公里生態旅遊)

20th Anniversary Special:
Kei Ling Ha SUP Discovery Tour (SUP Beginner Class + 4km ECO Tour)

此課程上午將會教授直立板的基本技巧,例如如何在俯臥、跪撐及站立的姿態向前或後划槳、直立板安全知識例如如何正確地跌進水中以防受傷。當您能在板面上穩定地站起來時,我們的國際專業教練就會帶你探索一下企嶺下海的沿岸,讓你融入大自然的懷抱,體驗這休閒及充滿樂趣的水上活動。 完成課程後,您將會獲發香港直立板總會頒發的電子證書,讓你可以隨時租借直立板划槳出海。

About this Tour:
This program includes the SUP Beginner Program and Half Day ECO Tour. Participants would be able to learn the basic SUP skills: How to paddle forward and backward in prone position, in kneeling position and in stand up position; how to manoeuvre; and most importantly, the safety guidelines such as how to fall properly.

During the ECO touring part, we will lead you to escape the manic pace of downtown Hong Kong with a relaxed tour of Kei Ling Ha. This program provides professional coaching with an emphasis on safe, high quality tuition in small groups. Our coach will bring you to the the open sea and discover the beautiful scenery near Kei Ling Ha, the total paddling distance should be around 4km.

價錢 Price:$680 (原價 Originally $890.00)
Price Includes: Lunch Equipment, Safety Gear, Instructor and SUP digital certificate.
時間 Time:10:00-16:00
日期 Date:13/3 – 31/3, 7/4, 11/4, 25/4
截止報名時間 Booking Deadline: 31st March

Coach & Student ratio at 1:8

10:00 由企嶺下新圍出發,在企嶺下防波堤內學習直立板
12:00 完成初級課程及午餐
13:30 由企嶺下新圍出發,穿過防波堤,給新學員嘗試海上風浪應對
14:00 划向溶樹澳,途中經過漁排欣賞企嶺下水域大自然環境、單程2公里
15:30 回程到企嶺下新圍會址
16:00 企嶺下新圍解散

09:30 Assemble at Kei Ling Ha San Wai No. 16
10:00 Depart from Kei Ling Ha, SUP beginner lesson inside breakwater area
12:00 Lesson completed and Lunch
13:30 Depart from Kei Ling Ha and explore the area outside the breakwater
14:00 Paddling towards Yung Shue O, passing a number of fish rafts and explore the nearby area (Approx. 4km)
15:30 Return to Kei Ling Ha
16:00 Dismissed

企嶺下新圍16號 (可以乘搭巴士 99 , 99R , 289R , 299X 去到,然後步行進入大約10分鐘)

Assemble point:
Kei Ling Ha San Wai No. 16 (Bue: 99, 99R, 289R, 299X, then walk about 10 mins)


  • 如果少於 4 人,我們可能會安排您加入另一個小組,如果參加人數少於 4 人,旅程可能會被取消

Minimum participant: 4

  • If there are less than 4 people, we might arrange you to join another group. Tour might be canceled if there are less than 4 people joined


  • 由要課程需要安排教練,請提交申請後先不要付款,並等待我們的確認電郵及付款指示。
  • 如教練能夠配合你預約的時間,你將會收到確認電郵及付款指示,請於12小時內付費以確認課堂。


  • 本會建議參加者帶備食水、水上活動鞋 (包指包腳跟,例如白飯魚) 、太陽帽、太陽鏡(連浮水帶) 、帽子等,於活動前塗上防曬霜及驅蚊劑,並準備更換衣服於活動後使用。
  • 建議穿著水上運動鞋參與活動 (人字拖並不適合)。
  • 請參加者抵達前先更換衣服及安置個人物品,使活動可以準時開始。



Booking & Payment:

  • After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
    After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Please provide the Booking ID# to the coach on booking date

What do I need to bring?

  • You are suggested to bring water, water shoes (cover heel and toes), sunglasses (with a floating belt) and a hat. Please put on sunscreen and insect repellent before the event. You may need dry clothes for changing after the event.
  • Please wear water shoes / sports shoes for the event. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance.

Bad wether and Cancellation policy?

I’ve got more questions!

  • Please visit our FAQ to find your answer.