Double Island Kayak Camping Tour (Kei Ling Ha)

From: $1,500.00

About this tour:
Double Island hassle free kayak camping tour allows you and your friends / family to explore the nature without worrying about a thing or bring any equipment with you. With the guidance of our instructors, we will use kayak to explore Double Island and Double Haven, then relax at the beach of Double Island and spend the night there, enjoying a wonderful BBQ dinner with the moon and stars as backdrop before waking up the next morning to watch the sunrise.

  • Kayak tour to explore Double Island and Double Havens hidden landscapes
  • Hassle free camping includes BBQ dinner, simple breakfast, utensils and all camping equipment
  • Stargazing and enjoy the night sky without light pollution
  • No electricity, no water, no light pollution – fully immerse yourself with the mother nature

This tour includes Kayak beginner certificate program

Tour / Camping Locations: Double Island / Double Haven
Assemble Point: Kei Ling Ha San Wai No. 16
Promotional Price: Non-member $1500 / head; Member $1200 / head (Same price for children of all age)
Regular Price: $1780 / head
Price includes: Speed boat transportation, Camping gear, BBQ dinner / equipment, Simple breakfast, Instructors, Safety gear, Kayak equipment, Digital certificate
Duration: 2 Days 1 Night (Please select the starting date below)
Number of participants: 8
Prerequisite: Able to swim 50 meters without assistance

Itinerary :

  • 11:30 am Assemble at Kei Ling Ha San Wai
  • 12:00 pm Speed boat to Double Island
  • 01:00 – 04:00 pm Kayak beginner class and tour
  • 04:00 – 05:00 pm Free time / break at Double Island
  • 05:00 – 07:00 pm Korean BBQ dinner (Prepare by instructors and guest together)
  • 07:00 – 08:00 pm Clean up and tidying
  • 08:00 – 09:00 pm Free time
  • 10:00 – 05:00 am Rest / Sleep
  • 05:00 – 07:00 am Watching sunrise
  • 07:00 – 08:00 am Simple breakfast and departure preparation
  • 09:00 – 09:30 am Speed boat return to Kei Ling Ha San Wai

Minimum participants:8

  • Tour can still be formed if less than 8 people provided full price of 8 people is paid  (Private Tour).
  • If there are less than 8 people, we might arrange you to join another group and both groups will be camping and dining together.
  • Tour might be canceled if there are less than 8 people joined.

Important information regarding this camping tour:

Regarding member discount:

  • Please note that member discount is only applicable to Blue Sky member himself / herself and does not cover other participants who do not posses valid Blue Sky membership. If other participants do have a valid membership, please make sure you have entered their membership email at the “Personal Information of other participants” session below, and contact us to make price amendments after you have submitted the booking.

Booking & Payment:

  • After submitting the booking request, please wait for our confirmation email and payment instructions before payment to ensure availability.
    After receiving the emails, please use the link in our email to pay within 12 hours to reserve your spot.
  • Please provide the Booking ID# to the coach on booking date

What do I need to bring?

  • You are suggested to bring water, water shoes (cover heel and toes), sunglasses (with a floating belt) and a hat. Please put on sunscreen and insect repellent before the event. You may need dry clothes for changing after the event.
  • Please wear water shoes / sports shoes for the event. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance.

Bad wether and Cancellation policy?

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  • 往灣州(英語:Wong Wan Chau,舊譯 Double Island)是香港東北部的島嶼,船灣郊野公園(擴建部份)的一部分,島上的主要海灘為東灣,遠眺大鵬灣,附近有一條名為東灣坑的溪流。
  • 往灣洲的西面及北面是印洲塘,西南面是紅石門水道,東北面則是被直門頭水道相隔的娥眉洲。因海灣一個接著一個,故旅人稱之為「灣灣相連」。藍天碧海下,絢爛的印洲塘景色,可謂美不勝收。
  • 往灣洲昔日有往灣、老沙田、大洲渡及東灣等村落,惟現已荒廢,只有一所外展訓練學校設立至今。
  • 往灣洲海岸屬海岸公園範圍,必須遵守海岸公園守則,切勿拿走海岸任何生物 (包括已死去) 或貝殼作留念。
  • 往灣洲屬地質公園範圍,切記遵守地質公園守則



  • 往灣州沙灘屬野營場地,是沒水沒電的天然環境,為了維持自然美麗的海灘,並堅持低度開發的想法,我們嘗試在天然、環保與便利性取得平衡,因此每天取水進入與提供簡單盥洗。
  • 此為往灣洲沙灘野營活動,在乎睡眠品質者不建議參加。
  • 露營活動安排的帳篷每個最多入住2人。
  • 露營活動為親近大自然之住宿,環境無水無電,若對露營有挑剔者請審慎考慮。
  • 露營活動為8人成團,須接受同行團友一起燒烤共進晚餐。
  • 露營活動提供裝備有包括:帳篷 (2人使用)、睡墊、晚餐及早餐、野炊器具。
  • 往灣洲沙灘野營以安全考量為最高原則,若因天候影響安全因素,將移至後備場地。
  • 往灣洲沙灘野營行程出發是團進團出,一旦團隊已離岸,無法讓遲到者另行下水出航 (亦無法退費),請特別注意勿遲到,以免影響自己的權益。
  • 往灣洲沙灘野營行程出團日期若遇天候因素可改期,其餘取消條件請參考取消條款內容
  • 往灣洲沙灘野營活動中請配合團體行動,任意脫隊或不聽勸告而發生意外,恕無法負責。

有關於往灣州直立板 / 獨木舟旅程

  • 直立板 / 獨木舟旅程航線全程大約4公里,適合6歲以上無慢性疾病平日有運動習慣者。
  • 出海浪況因天候而異,若平時無運動習慣或容易暈車暈船者,這會是一趟很辛苦的旅程,建議您衡量自身的健康狀況,再決定是否參加,也歡迎聯絡我們詢問。
  • 外海風浪瞬息萬變,直立板 / 獨木舟受到風向影響極大,且受夏季典型季風影響,為維護團員的安全,指導員有權視風浪狀況調整航程或提早折返

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