Leave Only Footprints
(Free – HK – Limited Spots)

Mahalo Foam Party

Leave Only Footprints (Free / 20 Spots)

FREE SUP session and save the planet at the same time!

Individually we are a drop, together we are the sea! Work with us to save the ocean!

The Dirty Truth:
Hong Kong’s marine litter problem is more serious than it seems, especially at remote beaches which people seldom visit and clean up. Every year we collected over 50 tones of marine waste with our beach cleaning event Leave Only Footprints. As a key provider of paddle boards in Hong Kong we want to conserve our oceans and beaches so the best way for that is to start local and protect our coasts by maintaining clean waters. In this program, we paddle out to Pak Sha Chau to ease the rubbish crisis of the ocean by picking up trash on the beach. Blue Sky provides SUP and coaches for participants for free in returns of a clean beach for the marine lives.

This program is seasonal and we only have 20 spots each session.

Leave Only Footprint Program Details:

Date: Oct 6th 

Time: 13:00-16:00

Fee: Free & A heart to save our planet.

SUP/ Kayak session

Celebrate summer with us at Mahalo Club!

A Special Event organised by MAHALO CLUB

Beach Music Festival- Foam Party/ DJ/ Live Band/ Food/ Alcohol

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Leave Only Footprints

Come and catch the tail of summer, Mahalo will hold a music beach foam party on September 8. Everyone is welcome to wear a plain white T-shirt, DIY on the T-shirt, invite friends leave messages on your T-shirt, and integrate into the foam to enjoy the party. On the same day, there will be the band from Hong Kong – Sound of Swell, the famous DJ Juliano from Brazil, a lot of handsome guys, hot girls. Come and join our party!!!

Time, Date & Location:

Date: September 8 (Sat)

Time: 7:00 pm


Mahaluo Club, No.1 Xichong beach, Nan’ao Street, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen

19:00 Beach Live Music / Drinks / Food / BBQ

21:00 Foam Party /DJ/ Electric Music

10:00- 18:00 SUP / surfing experience



(including 2 beers, 1 white T-shirt)

VIP package:
(including SUP experience with coach*, 2 beers, 1 white T-shirt)

*The paddle board experience can be used before 11 November

*White T-shirt can change to BURGER


What you could expect?

FOAM PARTY, also known as the Bubble Party, is a fun party that uses colorful bubbles as a link to enhance friendship and emotion. The bubble party is the latest fashion party representative in Europe and the United States. The tens of thousands of gallons of foam are sprayed and poured on the crowds.

The crowds that are dancing are drowning, reaching the best and most happy moments of the party, and the fun is endless.


DJ – Juliano Allgayer

Brazilian born DJ, Juliano Allgayer in 2007 found his influence on his travels around the world, where his passion for electronic dance music materialized, leading him to where he stands in his career today. As the popularity of new digital technology increases, he has made quite a name for himself as a Digital DJ, bringing electronic dance music to another level. His passion for house and techno music has been moving the crowds with his stylish vibes far and wide. He had the chance to shared stage with important djs in electronic music scene like Sasha and Jay Lumen. The best is yet to come and we invite you to become a part of the journey.


Beach music

Sound of Swell – Avory features CW & Buddy



The wave riding musician will no doubt cause a scene with the crowd, playing his favourite set of easy listening originals and covers with style. He played double bass / piano / member of the school choir at a young age, but only picked up the guitar in his young adulthood.. his inspiration came from various artists like Sublime, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles.He’s been actively performing his acoustic rhythmic guitar and solo vocal performance for 5 years. He’s played gigs in different countries and has been a house performer at various bar / restaurant in Hong Kong. 


CW is a surfer who loves nature and the beach. His musical style is to beat the music melody with his soul, let’s feel the soul rhythm of CW together on the night of performance.



Much life can be felt even from such small instrument as the harmonica from gentle murmurs of melody to the wailing cry of a blue low down soul, music and sound should reverberate thru to your core. Come for ride with Buddy and taste the cold of the road.



On the party day, you can enjoy the designated party dishes hosted by the Hong Kong chef, including seafood, Southeast Asian cuisine, Western-style snacks and Chinese food.


SUP experience

SUP is currently the most popular and fastest-growing sport. It only needs one board, one paddle, plus a life jacket/foot rope to go out to sea and explore on different islands/beach. It is a sport that is suitable for both adults and children.



Surfing has been listed as a competition for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, making surfing a more popular and compelling sport in the world. This is an addictive sport that allows you to travel freely on the sea.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Feel free to contact us or visit our official website if you have any questions.

WeChat: tiotio910
Tel: +86 17817491120 (Mainland)
+852 52205111 (Hong Kong)