MVision Blue Sky Dragon Boat Open Day

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Blue sky Dragon Boat Open Day
Dragon Boat is not only a huge part of Chinese culture, it has also been developed into a popular, racing and live-long sports event.

Dragon Boat exercise emphasizes teamwork and tests each member’s perseverance. It also brings lots of benefit to the body: cardio, core muscles, body coordination, exercise rhythm, endurance and strength etc.

Blue Sky dragon boat instructors and members would lead you through the session, to enjoy the sense of accomplishment with dragon boating. We welcome all who wish to give a try in paddling. You will never know the fun if you never try it!

Event Information:
3/3/2018 (Sat)
Time: 09: 00-11: 00
Location: Sai Kung – Sha Ha Road
Fees: Free
Fees include: instructor, dragon boat paddle and life vest (if needed)

* Participants must be able to swim 25 meters

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